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Birds Canada Logo showing grey text 'Birds Canada' and 'Oiseaux Canada' on either side of a grey and yellow bird perched on a branch Motus Logo showing blue text 'Motus Wildlife Tracking System' to the right of pale green images of a bat, bird and dragonfly at the ends of green curved lines

R package pour le traitement des données de radio-télémétrie automatisée Motus.

Consultez le site du package motus pour obtenir des informations détaillées sur l’utilisation.


Et cetera…

The easiest way to install motus is from Birds Canada’s R-universe:

                 repos = c(birdscanada = '',
                           CRAN = ''))

If you want to check out work-in-progress, you can install the development branches (betaX and sandbox) using remotes.

install.packages("remotes")                     # if don't already have it
remotes::install_github("motusWTS/motus@beta3") # the beta branch for v3+

Running into problems? Check out the Troubleshooting article