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motus 6.0.1

  • Fix bug in xxxRunsFilter() functions resulting in the inability to correctly return the filter id

motus 6.0.0

Potential breaking change

  • Changed internal method for loading SQLite databases. Now uses standard method with DBI::dbConnect(). Previously, users applying DBI functions to databases loaded with tagme() had to use the $con sub-element of the connection. $con should no longer be used (it will result in an error).

Functions removed

  • Remove functions safeSQL(), sqliteToRDS()

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in deprecateBatches() which caused an error when removing deprecated batches from receivers.


motus 5.0.1

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in deprecateBatches() which caused an error when there were no batches to deprecate.
  • ensure new databases are fully up-to-date (without needing to immediately update).

motus 5.0.0

New features

  • New allruns and allrunsGPS views for quicker first passes of the data with large datasets
  • New field/column attachment in tagDeps table
  • New field/column numGPSfix in activity and activityAll tables
  • New field/columns stationName and stationID in recvDeps tables
  • gpsAll() and activityAll() functions allow downloading complete records of GPS points and Activity
  • Deprecated batches are now returned to a new table deprecated on tagme()
  • deprecateBatches() function to fetch and (optionally) remove deprecated batches from all relevant tables

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in filterByActivity() resulting in NA probabilities
  • fixed bug in getGPS() which crashed if ts had been converted to date/time format

motus 4.0.6

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug resulting in missing metadata tables, and permission errors resulting from JSON formatting
  • fixed bug where forceMeta did not force metadata download for previously downloaded tags
  • fixed warnings produced by plotRouteMap() on old versions of R

motus 4.0.5

Bug fixes

  • removed not null constraint on tsEnd in nodeDeps

motus 4.0.4

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug resulting in occasional unending download loop of GPS fixes for receivers

motus 4.0.3

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug resulting in error “no applicable method for ‘db_has_table’…”

motus 4.0.2

Bug fixes

  • fixed rounding error in filterByActivity() resulting in mismatched hourBins
  • fixed incorrect receiver types and model assignment for CTT receivers

motus 4.0.1

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the server address

motus 4.0.0

Small Changes

  • Add test to metadata in tagDeps table to identify test deployments (tagDeployTest in alltags and alltagsGPS views)
  • Add age and sex to metadata in tagDeps table
  • For CTT SensorStation V2
    • Add lat_mean, lon_mean, and n_fixes to gps table
    • Add nodets, firmware, solarVolt, solarCurrent, solarCurrentCumul, lat, and lon to nodeData table
    • Add validated to hits table

Bug fixes

  • Downloading hits no longer fails if extra columns are supplied by the server

Internal changes

  • Internal workings of major motusUpdateXXX() functions split into multiple smaller functions to make testing more efficient
  • Added mockery package for mock testing

motus 3.0.1

Small Changes

  • Receiver downloads now have similar progress messages to Project downloads
  • Move GPS fields from alltags to alltagsGPS
  • New function getGPS() adds GPS fields to data
  • Remove NOT NULL constraint on motusTagIDs in ambiguous tag view

Bug fixes

  • Receivers updating to the new version errored on the download start
  • Allow renaming (if possible) of large databases on data updates
  • Continue checking for activity/nodeData even if first batch returns 0
  • nodeDataId is corrected to nodeDataID
  • Warn users with custom views if they need to be removed prior to updating

motus 3.0.0 (2019-10-16)

Big Changes

  • Switch to data version 2
    • Includes new CTT antennas
    • Includes nodeData and nodeDeps tables for node related data and metadata.

Small Changes

  • Replace all cat() with message() (now suppressible)
  • Add recvUtcOffset and tsCorrected to alltags view
  • Add gpsID to gps table, gpsID is now the primary key and index

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where tagme(..., countOnly = TRUE) failed

motus 2.0.0 (2019-08-12)

Big Changes

  • Combined motus and motusClient packages

New Features

  • New function activity() adds hit activity for batches to a new activity table in the SQLite database. This is useful for detecting ‘noisy’ periods where hits may be unreliable.
  • New function filterByActivity() allows users to create custom filters using data from the activity table.
  • Added a file to track changes to the package
  • Added support for httr for server queries
  • Added ?motus package documentation
  • Added unit testing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix references to ggmap to avoid having to get Google API keys


  • Moved dependencies to import rather than depend, to improve attach times, and reduce conflict with user-attached packages (note that dplyr will have to be loaded by users now)
  • All examples are tested

motus 1.0.0

2017 Sep 25

  • tagme() / tellme() and supporting functions are now in the motusClient package, which is automatically installed from github the first time you do library(motus) after installing the motus package. If automatic installation of motusClient fails, you can install it directly like so:


2017 Jul 28

  • tagme() - for updating local copies of receiver or tag project detection databases
  • tellme() - for asking how much data will need to be transferred by the corresponding tagme() call

The latest version of the data server that works with this package is now running on a new box, but its database is only populated with data from 4 (!) receivers. Raw files from other receivers will be re-run with the latest version of the tag finder and added to this database. Only those users willing to wrestle with alpha code and not actually interested in getting their data should be using this package for now.

2017 Jun 10

  • srvTagsForAmbiguities()
  • srvMetadataForReceivers()

2017 Jun 8

  • srvGPSforTagProject()
  • srvMetadataForTags()

2017 Jun 6

  • srvRunsForReceiverProject()
  • srvHitsForTagProject()
  • srvHitsForReceiverProject()
  • srvGPSforReceiverProject()

2017 May 31

  • srvRunsForTagProject()
  • srvBatchesForTagProject()
  • srvBatchesForReceiverProject()

2017 May 19

  • authentication against local data server

2017 Feb 7

  • some R functions for post-processing

2016 Dec 1

  • nothing (yes, nothing is working; in fact, nothing is working beautifully)