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Download or resume a download of the gpsAll table in an existing Motus database. Batch activity refers to the number of hits detected during a given batch. Batches with large numbers of hits may indicate interference and thus unreliable hits.


gpsAll(src, resume = TRUE)



SQLite connection (result of tagme(XXX) or DBI::dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), "XXX.motus"))


Logical. Resume a download? Otherwise the table is removed and the download is started from the beginning.


# download and access data from project 176 in sql format
# usename and password are both "motus.sample"
if (FALSE) sql.motus <- tagme(176, new = TRUE, update = TRUE)

# OR use example sql file included in `motus`
sql.motus <- tagme(176, update = FALSE, 
                   dir = system.file("extdata", package = "motus"))
# Get all GPS points
if (FALSE) sql.motus <- gpsAll(sql.motus)

# Access 'gpsAll' table
g <- tbl(sql.motus, "gpsAll")
# gpsAll resumes a previous download by default
# If you want to delete this original data and do a fresh download, 
# use resume = FALSE
if (FALSE) sql.motus <- gpsAll(sql.motus, resume = FALSE)