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Download or resume a download of the 'nodeData' table in an existing Motus database. nodeData contains information regarding the 'health' of portable node units.


nodeData(src, resume = FALSE)



SQLite connection (result of tagme(XXX) or DBI::dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), "XXX.motus"))


Logical. Resume a download? Otherwise the table is removed and the download is started from the beginning.


This function is automatically run by the tagme() function with resume = TRUE.

If an nodeData table doesn't exist, it will be created prior to downloading. If there is an existing nodeData table, this will update the records.

Note that only records for CTT tags will have the possibility of nodeData.

Node metadata is found in the nodeDeps table, updated along with other metadata.


# download and access data from project 176 in sql format
# usename and password are both "motus.sample"
if (FALSE) sql.motus <- tagme(176, new = TRUE, update = TRUE)

# OR use example sql file included in `motus`
sql.motus <- tagme(176, update = FALSE, 
                   dir = system.file("extdata", package = "motus"))
# Access `nodeData` table
a <- tbl(sql.motus, "nodeData")
# If you just want to download `nodeData`
if (FALSE) my_tags <- nodeData(sql.motus)