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"new" means data not already in your local database.


tellme(projRecv, new = FALSE, dir = getwd())



Numeric project code from, or character receiver serial number.


Logical. Is this a new database? Default: FALSE You have to specify new = TRUE if you want a new local copy of the database to be created. Otherwise, this function assumes the database already exists, and will stop with an error if it cannot find it in the current directory. This is mainly to prevent inadvertent downloads of large amounts of data that you already have!


Character. Path to the folder where you are storing databases Defaults to current directory; i.e. getwd().

Valeur de retour

a named list with these items:

  • numBatches: number of batches having data for your database

  • numRuns: number of runs of tags detections with new data

  • numHits: number of new detections

  • numGPS: number of new GPS fixes covering the new detections

  • numBytes: estimated size of download, in bytes. This is an estimate of the uncompressed size, but data are gz-compressed for transfer, so the number of bytes you have to download is typically going to be smaller than this number by a factor of 2 or more.


if you specify new = TRUE and the database does not already exist, it will be created (but empty).