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This table lists all variables present in .motus SQLite databases.


  • Variable Name refers to the name of a variable (column/field) in a table
  • Table Name reflects the tables (actual database tables) where that variable can be found
  • Views refer to the database ‘views’ where that variable can be found (views do not contain data themselves, but show data collected and arranged from various tables)
  • Variable Name in View reflects the name of the variable in a view. Variables often are given new names in views
    • e.g., alt is a variable in the gps table, but when put into the alltagsGPS view, it is called gpsAlt
  • Creation Comments are specific comments about how a particular variable was created. This applies mostly to variables which are created on the fly, or, might come for different tables.

Use the Search bar to narrow results down to a particular variable (e.g., latitude), table (e.g., recvDeps), or view (e.g., alltags)

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